Keeping your will up to date, and planning how your superannuation benefits will be distributed, can save a tremendous amount of time and stress for your family. Appointing an enduring guardian and making an enduring power of attorney are also important steps that need planning. Then probate, and distributions to beneficiaries, become cheaper and quicker.

Keypoint’s lawyers have the experience and expertise to ensure that making or revising a will, planning the distribution of superannuation benefits, or managing probate is as uncomplicated and stress-free as possible.  (Many people do not know that superannuation benefits often do not form part of a deceased estate).  Keypoint Law’s advice is always delivered in a timely, practical and sensitive fashion.  We advise individuals who wish to make a will or plan for the distribution of superannuation benefits, as well as executors and beneficiaries of a deceased’s estate.

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