Take that step, get back to practising law.

What use is experience if you don’t have the freedom to apply it?

What use is seniority, if that means office politics become more complex?

What use is building a life, if you don’t have time to enjoy it?

Keypoint Law gives you the support you need to be the best at what you do.  To actually do it: work with clients, drive decisions, practise your skill.

Yet, allows you the control to do it your own way.

We give you all the advantages of a successful law firm.  A full service offering for clients, a team of experienced colleagues, junior lawyers and paralegals, offices and meeting rooms.  A powerful brand to attract clients, and a share of the work.

A strong culture, shared vision and values.

We provide an environment free from billing targets, office politics and unnecessary diversions leaving you free to focus on the legal work at hand.

If you’re going to miss those, perhaps Keypoint Law is not for you.

Keypoint Law provides you the control to work with clients how, where and when you choose.  To provide the services they want, how they want them.

And the lion’s share of your billings goes to the person doing the work: you.

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