Michelle is one of the leading estate planning practitioners in New South Wales.  With an extensive litigation and commercial background, she now practises exclusively in the area of estate planning, including wills incorporating sophisticated testamentary trusts, superannuation, trusts, binding financial agreements, probate and administration.

Coming from a large family and herself being a mother of four, Michelle is well aware of the personal and family issues that arise when it comes to estate planning. Michelle has spent many years thinking about the various issues and coming up with best possible solutions.

With a background in superannuation, trusts, taxation, business succession, binding financial agreements, wills and testamentary trusts, Michelle is well equipped to deal with the legal and, in particular, taxation issues that arise when it comes to estate planning.

Michelle now works with clients, their financial advisers, accountants and lawyers, to come up with strategies on how to best pass on wealth to the next generation so as to protect the inheritance.

Michelle is committed to ensuring clients receive first class professional service.  She is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and of the Taxation Institute of Australia.

Prior to joining Keypoint, Michelle was the founder of NextGenlaw, a leading estate planning and business succession firm.