Increasingly, businesses who need to obtain working capital or invest in equipment are using asset-based and receivables finance to raise funds in an affordable and secure way. Financiers also favour such facilities because they provide a clear asset-base upon which to recover their investment in the event of default.

Whether you are a business raising funding or a financier providing it, you need to understand the legal and commercial issues commonly involved in these facilities, as well as the relevant tax and accounting issues.

We advise major asset-based and receivables financiers in their provision of factoring and discounting, as well as companies seeking facilities from such financiers.  From drafting facility and security documents to advising on the proposed purchase of specific debt types and funding of specific assets, our advice is rigorous but pragmatic.  We also advise financiers who are funding transactions such as MBOs, MBIs and other corporate transactions, who need to take recovery action or whose clients enter into a formal or informal insolvency process (including restructuring).

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