In a recent Law Partnership Survey article by the Australian Financial Review, Keypoint Consulting Principal Paul Noonan shares how he manages to transition between a career in law and as a professional musician.

“Paul says he enjoys ‘keeping the music part of my life alive’, especially when it involves his singer-actor wife, Bernadette Robinson.”

After 10 years in musicals, Paul started thinking about something different. Law won.

“The flexibility offered by Keypoint – remote working and no set hours or budgets – appealed, and he signed on as a consulting principal (its equivalent of partner).”

Paul says, “Keypoint Law provides me with the perfect home to work at the highest level as a lawyer while preserving a degree of control over my professional and personal life which was not possible for me in a traditional law firm environment. Happily, the areas of law I practice in (intellectual property, technology and entertainment law) complement my work outside the law as a professional musician. As long as I’m able to satisfy the requirements of my Keypoint Law clients, I’m able to decide how much work I take on as a musician.”

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