The Australian Financial Review has highlighted the challenges faced by lawyers on the partnership track in its recent article ‘Law partnership track blows out to 15 years’, noting that a growing number of talented lawyers with partnership aspirations are opting to explore options outside of private practice.

Quoting Mahlab’s Managing Director in Victoria, Katherine Sampson, the article notes that the “queue to partnership is longer than ever” with Senior Associates and Special Counsel in law firms often having anything from five to 15 years’ experience, highlighting the time spent waiting in the wings for partnership to eventuate.

With the timeline for making partner growing, and with the substance of what it means to be “partner” changing, many lawyers are looking at alternative pathways to fast-track their career trajectory on their own terms.

As Keypoint CEO Warren Kalinko outlined in a recent article titled ‘The power of choice: How challenger firms are changing the game for senior lawyers’, the past few years has seen a significant increase in alternative options available to senior lawyers, in what is an increasingly competitive market for talent.

For lawyers with a strong client following or an entrepreneurial streak, challenger firms like Keypoint Law are becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to the traditional partnership track.

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