The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has published base salary and total remuneration median gender pay gaps for private sector employers in Australia with 100 or more employees.

The results show that:

  • 30% of employers have a median gender pay gap between the target range of -5% and +5%.
  • 62% of median employer gender pay gaps are over 5% and in favour of men.
  • The rest (8%) are less than -5% and in favour of women.
  • Across all employers, 50% have a gender pay gap of over 9.1%.
  • Australia’s national gender pay gap is 12%.

Keypoint Law’s gap – zero.

The firm’s remuneration structure is 100% transparent, and 100% gender- neutral, eliminating the gender pay gap because the same percentages apply to all our partners, irrespective of their gender. It also does away with the traditional distinction between “salaried” and “equity” partner, and applies to every partner regardless of gender, experience, length of service or fee generation. This has seen Keypoint’s team grow to more than 70 partner-level lawyers in 2024, with over 40% of this senior cohort being women.

‘‘ The Keypoint model is a gamechanger for women, particularly working mothers. It puts us in control of our legal practice, letting us adapt our working lives when we need to. It gives us room to balance work and family, so we can thrive at both. The model delivers the “impossible” – a balanced, flexible, and fulfilling private practice career,” says Consulting Principal, Suzy Schmitz.

With “no gap” and a thriving, inclusive culture, Keypoint continues to attract excellent female lawyers, with 44% of Keypoint’s partner-level recruits in FY24 being women.