Kerry has over 20 years of experience as a family-law solicitor, providing private clients with out-of-court and litigated solutions. Kerry is an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) and If necessary, is able to issue section 601 certificates to enable court proceedings to be initiated where FDRP is not successful. Kerry is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and is experienced in dispute resolution through collaborative law practice and mediation.

She is a former partner of Armstrong Legal.  She also has experience working as a Registrar in the Family Court of Australia (as it was then known) and was an experienced decision-maker contracted to review and determine applications for changes under the Child Support legislation, based on special circumstances prior to that role being subsumed in house in later years.

Kerry is highly experienced in complex property matters, involving the division of high value matrimonial assets including defined benefit superannuation and the various valuation issues that may arise.

Kerry has a post-graduate qualification in psychology and a post-graduate qualification in legal-practice management.

Kerry is based in Canberra.

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