Keypoint Law provides a new model for experienced lawyers with a client following – one which offers a rewarding, balanced and highly remunerative way to practise.

The problem with the traditional law firm model

Lawyers value law firms as a mode of organisation.  Why?  Because they provide:

  • work;
  • a full-service client offering;
  • collegiality; and
  • back-office services.

But, it can come at a heavy cost to the lawyer:

  • they are subject to gruelling billable hour targets, budgets, timesheets, and other forms of financial pressure; and
  • a very high portion of their billings is retained by the firm (as much as 70%).

Is the cost justified?

For lawyers who rely on their firms to supply their work, this exchange may be unavoidable.

But, for lawyers who generate their own work, this compact can be harder to justify.

This is our sweet spot.

We attract experienced lawyers with a portable client following, who want to enjoy the benefits of a law firm, but without the burdens of carrying one.

The “new compact” for partner-level lawyers

Keypoint Law offers a new mode of organisation.  One which offers a fundamentally fair deal for senior lawyers.

Keypoint provides:

– a modern, connected, and collegiate law firm

  • 55+ partner-level lawyers
  • full-service client offering
  • inclusive and supportive culture – with a distinct absence of internal politics
  • referred work (30% of the firm’s revenue in FY21 was internally referred)
  • enviable retention rate of 97% p.a. for our senior lawyers

– a very high return on the fees you generate

  • typically, 70% of fees billed and collected

– flexibility and control

  • goodbye billable hour targets, budgets and timesheets
  • no more financial pressure from the firm – freeing you to work and live as you choose
  • control over the business decisions affecting your clients, including pricing
  • freedom from endless partner and management meetings, so you can focus on doing great work for clients

Proven track record in Australia

Keypoint Law was established in 2014 and has grown to a team of 55+ talented partner-level lawyers.

We provide legal services from offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, and Adelaide, across 20+ areas of law, including:

o   Corporate & Commercial o   Disputes and Litigation o   Government
o   Real Estate o   Insolvency & Restructuring o   Immigration
o   Technology o   Banking & Finance o   Entertainment
o   Intellectual property o   Employment & OHS o   Estate Planning
o   Planning & Environment o   Insurance o   Family

The firm has won a string of awards over recent years, and many of our lawyers are recognised as leaders in their fields.

We provide a highly rated, partner-level service to our clients, which now include global, national, ASX-listed and private companies drawn from a diverse range of industries, as well as start-ups, HNW individuals and other private clients.

Our firm’s success has also seen it appointed to a number of legal panels, including for Commonwealth, State and local government.

A well-trodden path internationally

Keypoint was established in Australia with the backing of United Kingdom firm Keystone Law, which pioneered our model of legal practice 20 years ago.  Keystone is now a major UK firm of almost 400 partner-level lawyers and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.  In 2020, Keystone surpassed the Magic Circle firms to be crowned ‘UK Law Firm of the Year’ (prior winners of which include Clifford Chance (2019) and Pinsent Masons (2018)).

Keystone’s success has transformed the UK legal market.  Its model has been emulated by multiple law firms across the UK, now representing upwards of 2000 lawyers.

Key points

Lawyers value law firms as a mode of organisation.  But they can pay a heavy price to be part of one.

Keypoint has redesigned the traditional law firm model to retain the parts which lawyers value, and to remove the parts which people don’t.

The result is an exceptional deal for senior lawyers.

To learn more about our firm, watch our webinar here, or view our animation video here.

“By bringing together the elements of a law firm which people value, and eliminating those parts which people do not, we’ve created a modern law firm that offers a rewarding, balanced and highly remunerative way to work.”