Established in Australia in 2014 by Keystone Law, a London Stock Exchange-listed law firm of over 400 partners, Keypoint Law is an innovative and award-winning Australian law firm.

We are a team of over 70 partner-level lawyers providing a comprehensive range of legal services across 25 practice areas from our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.

We have built the firm’s business model from the ground up to deliver traditional, top-tier service in a non-traditional way. The way clients want it.

Our focus is on providing top quality, efficient, professional and passionate legal service at pricing which delivers genuine value to clients.

Keypoint’s client offering is based on two key elements:

1. Partner-level service: Keypoint provides access to some of Australia’s most qualified and experienced legal minds. Our clients experience direct and personal service by talented partner-level lawyers, averaging over 18 years of experience in the law, with all the efficiency and quality that brings to bear.

2. Tailored pricing: Keypoint’s lawyers are empowered to completely tailor the firm’s offering to clients, including pricing. This is possible because the firm is structured to operate without top-tier overheads, using modern technology to keep our expenses low and avoid unnecessary costs for our clients.

So what do these features combine to deliver? They provide clients with unmatchable value: an ideal union of senior expertise, reduced overhead costs and tailored services.

The breadth of commercial expertise available within Keypoint means that our clients are able to capitalise on the firm’s full-service offering. Clients experience seamless and professional guidance across various areas of law, providing an all-encompassing and long-term solution that is flexible and built on quality.

At Keypoint, it’s about being a law firm that delivers true value.