Penny has over 30 years’ experience in insolvency law and commercial dispute resolution, including as partner of leading law firms, and as General Counsel of a Victorian Government Department. Penny acts for a diverse range of clients, from large multi-nationals to family-owned businesses. She is highly regarded for her complex legal problem-solving skills and her depth and breadth of experience, which is underscored by her involvement in some of Australia’s most high profile and complex matters. Her approach is to work collaboratively with clients and other members of the legal profession, wherever possible, to achieve creative and cost-effective solutions to legal disputes.

Penny’s practice focusses on:

  1. commercial dispute resolution, and
  2. insolvency and restructuring, for both local and national firms.

Penny also provides services to other law firms, who come to her for bespoke insolvency and commercial dispute resolution advice.  Penny assists in developing case theory, formulating litigation strategy, conducting investigations and special projects, and by providing second opinions and support in difficult matters, making her an ideal choice for clients who want the assurance of an informed, recognised, and seasoned professional.

Penny is based in Melbourne, Australia.