Lara was admitted as a solicitor in 2015 and has worked in the area of wills and estates for over 8 years having worked at a firm specialising in this area prior to her admission, under the guidance and tutelage of accredited specialists in wills and estates.

Lara works at Keypoint Law in the areas of estate litigation, administration and planning as well as elder law.

Lara is passionate about all aspects of succession law and brings a sincere and supportive approach to her clients to assist them in navigating complex and sensitive matters. During the course of Lara’s tenure with Keypoint Law, she has worked on complex family provision litigation, contested probate matters, grant of probate applications and probate administration and trust litigation including constructive trusts, resulting trusts, secret trusts, semi-secret trusts, application for removal of a trustee and appointment of a receiver.

Lara speaks Armenian and has used her second language to make her Armenian speaking clients feel more comfortable and well informed. She is also experienced in dealing with interpreters effectively and efficiently where required. Lara always focuses on the best interests of her clients and ensures that she tackles all matters with a compassionate, resolute and meticulous approach to ensure the most favourable outcome for her clients. Lara plans to undertake specialist accreditation in the future.