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Our Model


What happens when you build a business model from the ground up?  When you don't allow the traditions of the past to dictate the solutions of the future?

What happens is that you deliver the services people want. Without the cumbersome processes that historically develop around them.

Think of Uber, Alibaba, Airbnb.  Traditional services delivered in a non-traditional way. The way clients want it.

Welcome to Keypoint Law.  A law firm unlike any law firm you’ve worked with before.

We’ve removed the outdated conventions that hold so many senior lawyers back.  Committees.  Office politics.  Billable hour targets.  Partner meetings.

Instead, we’re about setting lawyers free to concentrate on what really matters: clients.

Keypoint Law provides access to some of Australia’s most experienced legal minds.  Based on the successful model of our UK co-founder, Keystone Law, our emphasis is on personal service by senior lawyers, with flexible offerings, and low overheads.     

Instead of bureaucracy, our lawyers can focus on solutions. Instead of one-size-fits-all, we can tailor the service to suit. Instead of meeting targets, we can match client needs.

What that means is efficient, professional, passionate legal service.

Without the politics or red tape that so often gets in the way.

And that’s the key point.


About Keypoint Law


Keypoint Law CEO Warren Kalinko is interviewed by Chris Merritt, Legal Affairs Editor of The Australian