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We’re about a fresh new approach, not just to law but to business too. We are free to work around the individual needs of our clients. And it makes for a liberating experience for our lawyers too.

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We provide an innovative and flexible alternative to the traditional law firm. Established by one of the UK’s fastest growing firms, Keypoint Law draws on a decade of proven performance in the UK to deliver a unique model for legal services in the Australian market.  Our clients are serviced exclusively by talented senior lawyers who, free from the constraints of the conventional law firm structure, are able to provide an exceptional, personalised service at a value our clients require.» Tell me More

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Free yourself from the traditional model.  Enjoy a level of autonomy, flexibility and freedom which until now has only been available in sole practice; but with all the infrastructure, practice areas, and reach of a national firm.  We are backed by one of the UK’s fastest growing firms – Keystone Law – and we’re expanding nationally.

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Fresh thinking from our lawyers

It is astounding that so often we have discussions with both corporate and individual clients, and when we enquire what Modern Awards apply in their business or cover their employment, they either answer that they don’t have any as all employees are paid above award rates, or they just do not know. Modern Awards cover a vast number of employees across almost all areas of work. It is most unlikely that all an employers’ employees are award free, unless they have an enterprise agreement or other industrial agreement in place that overrides and displaces the operation of a Modern Award. 
Many people believe that if they do not have a written employment contract, they are not bound by a contract with their employer at all. This is a common mistake, as an employment contract exists whether written or not, the moment the employer and employee agree on terms of employment. The contract terms can be either express, that is written or verbally agreed, or implied by law, or a combination of both.
A businessman handed over control of his companies’ assets after a gang-bashing and threats to his wife and children. He did not report the attacks or the theft to the police. Yet he was afterwards able to recover assets from an innocent third party who had bought them from the extortioner in good faith. This appellate decision clarifies an important point about the exception in section 26 of the Sale of Goods Act 1923 (NSW). This exception is also part of the law of the United Kingdom, as well as of other Australian States and Territories. Its terms are set out below. The decision reinforces the need to check the bona fides and authority of anyone selling large company assets, such as construction plant and equipment.
Going viral on the web can be great for bloggers, Instagrammers, Tweeters and Facebook users, but what happens when an employee posts a “status”, “hashtag” or uploads content that is potentially offensive, intimidating or injurious to the reputation of their employer.