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We’re about a fresh new approach, not just to law but to business too. We are free to work around the individual needs of our clients. And it makes for a liberating experience for our lawyers too.

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We provide an innovative and flexible alternative to the traditional law firm. Established by one of the UK’s fastest growing firms, Keypoint Law draws on a decade of proven performance in the UK to deliver a unique model for legal services in the Australian market.  Our clients are serviced exclusively by talented senior lawyers who, free from the constraints of the conventional law firm structure, are able to provide an exceptional, personalised service at a value our clients require.» Tell me More

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Free yourself from the traditional model.  Enjoy a level of autonomy, flexibility and freedom which until now has only been available in sole practice; but with all the infrastructure, practice areas, and reach of a national firm.  We are backed by one of the UK’s fastest growing firms – Keystone Law – and we’re expanding nationally.

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Fresh thinking from our lawyers

We are often asked if the conduct of an employee gives rise to sufficiently serious grounds so as to amount to serious misconduct for which the employer can instantly dismiss the employee without notice. The honest answer is that the law does not prescribe a precise definition of the meaning of serious misconduct, although several regimes including the common law, the contract of employment and the Fair Work legislation may assist in determining whether an employee’s conduct justifies instant dismissal.
As many of our readers would be aware, the second Thursday of September in each year, is a national day dedicated to asking family, friends and colleagues the simple question: “Are you okay?”. Given that Thursday 8 September has just gone by, and in light of growing global awareness of depression and suicide, mental health issues and domestic or family abuse, we thought it would be fitting to write a client alert about this topic.
Most people love a chat. However, understandably, most managers and employers often avoid having difficult conversations with their employees because it can be awkward, confrontational and time consuming. Unfortunately, avoiding what needs to be said can grow into a major issue causing legal risks and reducing an employer’s ability to successfully defend legal claims should they arise.
The importance of secured financiers correctly registering their security interests on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) cannot be overstated. An error, say in the details of a lessee/borrower recorded on the PPSR will threaten the priority ranking the financier believes it has obtained by virtue of registration. Recently the New South Wales Supreme Court considered whether it could rectify a registration error on the PPSR. In effect the court was being asked to backdate a corrected registration to the time from which the faulty registration began.